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4on 4 League Information

Welcome to our 2024 Spring/Summer Season!


We provide 4 on 4 FULL ICE non-stop, non-contact hockey for REP LEVEL U11 through U15 divisions.

Individual, group or full-team* entries are welcome.

A 13-game schedule is played with Thursdays as the primary night, in prime time at the Seymour-Hannah Recreation Complex in St. Catharines. View Game Nights


Individual Entry: $354.00 + HST + $10.00 refundable sweater deposit  = $409.00.
Second and subsequent children in the family applying as individual entries can deduct $20.00 from their registration fee.

Team Entry (9 skaters and a goalie): $3,540.00 + HST = $ 3,999.00

*please note, in order to be considered a “full team”, 9 skaters and 1 goaltender must be registered together. No partial team entries are accepted.

What are the benefits of our 4 on 4 hockey?

Our REP level provides a faster pace, non-stop game with more puck time and more time being involved in central playmaking as opposed to being on the periphery. More 1 on 1 challenges offensively and defensively! More direct attempts at the goal. More passing, more receptions, more transitions, more awareness. And all of this at a faster tempo allowing players to intensify their game and improve endurance and stamina. Goalies face way more semi-breakaways, 2 on 0’s and plays that require lateral movement and anticipation.

4 on 4 hockey incorporates this into a fun game format! The FULL ICE game encourages players to ‘take chances’ without fear, to become more inventive, and gain confidence. It’s fun to play and watch!