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3 on 3 League Information

Welcome to our 2020 Spring/Summer Season!

We provide 3 on 3 FULL ICE non-stop, non-contact hockey for Atom through Midget divisions. View 2020 Age Groups

Individual, group or full-team* entries are welcomed.

A 12-game schedule is played with Thursdays as the primary night, one game per week, in prime time at the Seymour-Hannah Recreation Complex in St. Catharines. View Game Nights


Individual Entry: $298.00 + HST + $10.00 refundable sweater deposit  = $347.00.
Second and subsequent children in the family applying as individual entries can deduct $20.00 from their registration fee.

Team Entry (9 skaters and a goalie): $2,980.00 + HST = $ 3,367.00  

*please note, in order to be considered a “full team”, 10 skaters and 1 goaltender must be registered together. No partial team entries are accepted.

What are the benefits of 3 on 3 hockey?

Why is 3 on 3 hockey so popular? It provides the greatest DEVELOPMENT BENEFIT. More ice time, more puck time, more time being involved in central-playmaking as opposed to being on the periphery. More 1 on 1 challenges offensively and defensively! More direct attempts at the goal. More passing, more receptions, more transitions, more awareness. And all of this at a faster tempo allowing players to intensify their game and improve endurance and stamina. For goalies, way more semi-breakaways, 2 on 0’s and plays that require lateral movement and anticipation. Many more shots per minute than in a standard 5 on 5 game.

3 on 3 hockey incorporates this into a fun game format! The FULL ICE game encourages players to ‘take chances’ without fear, to become more inventive, and gain confidence.

Sport science has long told us that to develop any high-level skill thousands of “repetitions” are required. These reps just don’t present themselves in winter hockey due to the restrictions of the competitive game (# of players on the ice, roles expected etc.).

It’s fun to play and watch!