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Welcome to the St.Catharines Summer Minor Hockey League!


                     5 ON 5 DIVISIONS                                                          3 ON 3 DIVISIONS                               
            TYKE TO MIDGET                                  NOVICE TO MIDGET   
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$279 for 14 GAMES!  (plus HST)

Games at the Seymour-Hannah Sports Centre in St.Catharines



A very special THANK YOU to our coaches and officials for helping to ensure a smooth start to the season!

PLAYER MOVEMENT:  Our league takes tremendous pride in creating a balance of healthy competition and recreation, and this entails a substantial effort to create a degree of parity through the divisions. We have always been quite ‘hands-on’ about this, realizing that it’s for the benefit of every participant. To that end, we thank those players that have been ‘traded’ to a new team, and we appreciate in advance those that may still be moving elsewhere. We have no set deadline for making moves, although we like to effect most in the first 4-5 weeks. It’s all meant to create the best experience. It is not a perfect science….outcomes often depend on attendance, catching a few good bounces, or plain luck. However, our objective is to provide every team with a reasonable chance to win on any given night.

RECREATIONAL HOCKEY, LET’S KEEP IT SO:  Another hallmark of our league is the recreational tone we enjoy. That doesn’t happen by chance. Our players and parents bring a pretty leisurely attitude towards summer hockey, (as it should be!) and we sincerely appreciate that!

IT IS NOTICED!:  It’s the nature of summer rec hockey that there will be variations in ability. We’ve been exceptionally impressed with some stronger players who clearly are distributing the puck, ‘backing off’ where appropriate, and involving lesser-experienced players in the play. That’s huge and is a good challenge for both players!

Enjoy your games, and we look forward to seeing you weekly at the rink!

Bernard St-Francois and Dave Jenner
St. Catharines Summer Minor Hockey League




Novice: The game on July 8th between the Penguins and Bruins, scheduled for 6:45, has  been moved to 7:45.

Changes to the 3on3 Midget Schedule as of June 18th: Changes to the schedule have been made to accommodate a new team in the division. Please check the schedule on the website. Players will receive the updated version at their next game. 

Team Movement in the 3on3 League: The Chiefs from the Bantam moved up to the Midget Division. We welcome the Knights as the replacement team. 




Openings are available in some divisions. Call 905 984 1358.





The Summer 2015 season marks our 13’th season of providing recreational and competitive summer hockey to youth aged 4-17 throughout the Niagara Peninsula.
We've designed this site to give you answers to your questions, provide convenient registration options and confidence that your son or daughter will enjoy a quality experience for the summer 2015 season.
The organizers have decades of minor hockey experience as players, coaches, referees and executives - we've patterned the league after what we think most players and parents are looking for:

• choices between 5 on 5 Recreational and 3 on 3 Hockey

• no weekend games

• weeknight, consistent prime time games

• meaningful efforts to balance competition

• a league that provides an appropriate mix between competition and fun recreation

• certified officials / convener at every game

Each spring and summer over 600 players (boys & girls) participate in our league, making it by far the largest and most popular summer hockey league in the Niagara Region. Please be sure to navigate the links on this page to find all information on our league, or feel free to call us. We welcome any questions you might have as we endeavor to make your player's experience a fun and rewarding one.


Which is suitable for you? And what are the advantages?

5 on 5 Recreational House League is well suited for;

• Recreational players looking for a non-stressful summer fun league!

• Players who relish the opportunity to try a different position!

• Players who, along with other summer activities, just want to “stay on the blades” for 12 weeks

• Competitive players looking to enhance skills

• Players looking to augment summer conditioning programs with on-ice sessions

• Youngest, entry-level players looking for a non-threatening first competitive experience


Our 3 on 3 Rep Calibre Division is well suited for;

• Competitive players looking for a guaranteed once or twice/weekly fast-paced challenging skate as part of a summer speed and endurance building program

• Players looking for offensive “reps” that can’t be found in winter 5 on 5 hockey

• Players intent on increasing their ‘puck time’, transition game, ice awareness, stamina, and overall creativity

• Younger rep players that want to benefit from a better understanding of playmaking

• Goalies looking for significant more point-blank challenges, breakaways and semi-breakaways, 2 on 0 challenges, and near-net strong opportunities. 

• Goalies looking to advance their anticipation and recognition.

• Older and experienced players looking to stay sharp and hone skills before Junior tryouts or High School seasons


(see link for "3 on 3 Benefits and Description")


Frequently asked questions

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call us at 905 984 1358